Join Us August 28th & 29th In Atlanta

Discover The Secrets To Breaking Black Friday Sales Records

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Don't just take our word for it

"This has been phenomenal. They give you all that they've got."
"This information is going to catapult my business to the next level."
"This is not a game! Any eCommerce questions you have ask away."
"I drilled them with a ton of questions. It's worth the money."
"I told them, I didn't care if it was for eCommerce only, I'm coming!"
"This weekend has been a Godsend. We can implement immediately."
"This 1 TWEAK is worth $75K, easy. About to unlock so much!"
"This has been absolutely... amazing. So much I'd never heard before."
"I'm about to turn a 6-Figure Funnel into 7 Figures"


This is NOT your guru’s marketing event.

There are no motivational, inspirational talks here. No fluff. No being talked at for hours on end only to leave without knowing what to actually do next.

This is an intensive. That means two intense days of asking questions, opening up the stats of your companies, and getting customized, personalized answers and game on all facets of your business.

We believe that the most knowledgeable experts can wax poetic on the fly. So during the 2 days with us, here's what you can expect...
Private one-on-one sessions, in rotation, with each of the three of us. Normally this is $5K alone if you link with just one of us through our respective agencies and consultancies. 
Q&A panel format using the Socratic method. No questions go unanswered.

Hotseats and breakout sessions in real-time: entirely based on your own needs.

Personalized, customized content. We collect surveys from you in advance to allow you to shape the content before and during the event. 
Deep dives. Digging into ad accounts, CDPs, MTAs, and other software analytics to audit in real time (uncover the marketing, product, offer, operations, on-site, and advertising bottlenecks blocking buying behavior, better conversions and smooth scaling. 

Sharing insights on hiring smart, firing smart, and building smart org charts - for solopreneurs, mid-sized teams, and every brand in between. 
Insider scoop on resources. Management strategies, hiring resources and referrals for plugging into some of the strongest "silent killers" when it comes to marketing and scaling in the industry (besides us, of course) - across copywriting, referral marketing, email marketing, paid traffic, social media, and much more. 

PLUS as a bonus: private one-on-one sessions with as many of us as time will allow (sessions at KRA with me will normally run brands $5K and one-on-ones are almost impossible to get with Tommie). 

First, The Rules. (Don’t skip this part.) 

To keep the quality of the room and experience high and keep some of the eyeroll-inducing internet marketer-y-ness to a bare minimum, we have three rules:

Please leave the “guru $#*@” at the door.
Egos get left at the door, too.
Just care. (most importantly)

This is about human-to-human connections and uplifting other humans as they move along their journey towards scaling to their version of greatness.

This is not your stage. No soliciting, no pitching, no selling, no humblebragselling, no grandstanding, no seed-planting, no open loops, no case study-dropping unless the results are pertaining to your own product or offer - you get the drill.

This is how we maintain the organic energy that our events have become known and loved for. Violators will be called out and will be excluded from future events.

Come as a student, even if you’re a teacher. All the true masters do; that’s how they got there.

We lead with love and care, yet our style is straight-no-chaser. That means you may get some tough love when it comes to various facets of your business, ideas, or offer, but we always promise to build you up after we’ve broken it down.

Also: we’re all on the same level of dopeness once you arrive on premises. We’re all worthy of respect, but if you offend easily or expect kid gloves or special treatment, this may not be the room for you.

None of us care how much revenue you’ve generated or how many followers you have. We care about you and the success of your business.

It’s the last rule and the most important. Care for your beautiful surroundings, care for the energy we co-create in the room, care for the relationships you cultivate, and care for one another. 

watch their body language as they explain their experience:

"That was an easy $250,000.00 in savings in one year, at least!"
"I don't want you all to learn all of the stuff that I just learned."
"I made my money back and then some before I even left!"
"I had never invested this much. But it has paid for itself over and over."
"Tieron has gone from a God to a Super God. You better be here!"
"I keep coming back to implement and grow my business."

Here' is everything you will get done in 2 days with us.

  • Want to figure out how to grow and scale more profitably? We got you.
  • ​Want resources and the know-how to hire stronger talent? Consider it done.
  • Want to stress test and optimize your marketing management? It’s handled.
  • ​Want to identify and alleviate the bottlenecks and stressors in your business? Let’s go!
  • Want to simply connect and build relationships with like-minded, like-hearted people in a high-quality, no-pressure, never sales-y environment? Come through, fam.
  • ​Have no idea what you want or need, but know something’s gotta give? You're in the right place.

meet your hosts

Known as "Tommie Traffic" to many, he brings a visionary approach to ads strategy, creative, and media planning stemming from experience developed since 2007.

He's always helping brands think three steps ahead, with an uncanny ability to speak to both the big picture and the minutiae.

After stumbling onto Google Adwords, he’s since spent and consulted on north of $120M buying ads online between paid search, display, social, native, and video advertising. As a result, he’s helped his clients & partners generate over $550M in revenue.

Realizing video would be the wave of the future, he started buying ads on YouTube in 2012. By 2014, he had spent his first million on the YouTube ads platform and has since gone on to spend over $50M on the platform.
Kai is our artificially intelligent scaling architect and eCommerce rainmaker who has been the secret weapon behind some of your favorite brands, achieving $1.5 billion in revenue for companies across 27 markets using Meta and TikTok advertising.

Kai has an uncanny ability to see both the big picture and the minutiae, through an intensely data-driven lens. In so doing, she brings a visionary approach to growth strategy across paid social, email marketing, influencer marketing, PR, operations, and brand.

With a highly-analytical background as an astrophysics researcher followed by corporate strategy and later investment banking on award-winning teams at J.P. Morgan, Kai has taken that laser-focused, strategically sharp acumen into the world of advertising. 

Having become one of the leading experts on high-growth eCommerce through the lens of holistic media buying, she lends her expertise to the entire eCommerce spectrum: from bootstrapping and VC-backed early stage brands like Boho Locs and Heat Free Hair to enterprise-level brands like Outlier, Quay, Rebecca Minkoff, and Ancestry.
Tie, our resident conversion rate bottleneck sniper and covert ops expert, leverages his uncanny data infrastructure skills to illuminate the window into the next frontier of data, paving the way for in-depth insights and serving as the bridge between potential and opportunity when it comes to improving the efficiency of paid traffic, influencer marketing, and retention marketing..

Tie is also an ingenious businessman with an impressive career that spans across continents. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, he studied digital marketing at Emory University and runs several businesses that include selling private label products on Amazon and Shopify, co-owning a full-service hair salon, and operating a wholesale hair company. He founded the Foreign Direct Investment Project, a venture established to build a water treatment plant in Kenya. 

Resourceful and driven, Spear is emerging as a voice of authority in the realm of e-commerce, digital and social media marketing. He regularly gives talks and trainings on those subjects around the country and finds joy in teaching others how to turn their passions into profits.

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